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Learning Styles

Not everyone learns the same way! There are actually three different learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Although most people use a combination of the three learning styles, they usually have a clear preference of one. Knowing and understanding the types of learning styles is important for students of any age. It is advantageous for students to understand their type of learning style early on so that homework and learning may become easier and less stressful in the future. Although it may be tempting to stick with what works, it's important to practice and train the other types of learning styles so that, as they grow, the child can utilize the other types just as effectively.

Auditory (Hearing)
Auditory learners perform better in a lecture setting when things are being explained to them rather than reading the information on their own. Common study methods include reciting information out loud and creating mnemonic devices. It is also typical of an auditory learner to have music playing in the background while studying, but other noises may become a distraction.

Visual (Sight)
Visual learners have better success when they look at graphics, watch a demonstration, or read the material. For them, it's easy to look at charts and graphs, but they may have difficulty focusing while listening to an explanation.

Kinesthetic (Hands-On)
Kinesthetic learners process information best through a "hands-on" experience. Doing an activity may be the easiest way for them to learn. Many times writing things down makes it easier to understand and retain as opposed to sitting still and studying.