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Core Games
Attention Stamina
Will teach you how to direct and sustain your attention and help you develop your ability to pay attention to low stimuli activity for longer periods of time.

Visual Tracking
Will teach you how to maintain your attention while visually tracking a randomly moving object or person, helping you pay attention to your teacher's lesson while they walk around the room.

Time on Task
Will teach a student to begin an activity quickly, and stay focused on that activity until it is finished; a difficult task for an individual who struggles with attention.

Discriminatory Processing
Will teach you how to take in different bits of information and recognize what is important and what you can filter.

Short Term Memory
Will teach you how to process information, both visual and auditory, and hold that information in your short term memory for instant recall. It will help you develop your ability to remember dates, names, items on a list, and other facts.

Academic Bridge
Finishing tasks in an appropriate amount of time is a skill that can be learned by anyone regardless of ADHD/ADD or other cognitive impairments. Such tasks include homework, balancing your checkbook, or even cleaning your room.