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Additional Games

Auditory Processing
This exercise develops your ability to follow directions. Your goal is to gradually increase the number of auditory sequences of information you can absorb, process, and carry out.

There are 4 different Auditory Processing games available; Auditory Processing I, Auditory Processing Home, Auditory Processing Office, and Auditory Processing School. Each game provides different items and background settings based on the game category.

Hand Eye Coordination
Hand eye coordination strengthens neural networks most important for hand-eye coordination. In terms of practical application, this improves real world skills like hand writing, sports, keyboarding, and any activity requiring motor skills.

Spatial Memory
Spatial memory helps us remember where we left our keys or our homework. Play Attention helps strengthen spatial memory.

Social Skills
Social skills are typically lacking in persons with attention challenges. Play Attention's Social Skills module teaches appropriate recognition and response to social cues.

Working Memory
This exercise strengthens an individual's ability to retain and manipulate information needed to do complex tasks such as reasoning, comprehension, and learning – even amidst distraction.

Motor Skills
This is an exciting new game where you help a wizard build his castle. As in all Play Attention games, your mind becomes the mouse or joystick! Use your focus to be like Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker!