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What is Play Attention?

Play Attention has become the world's #1 learning system to improve attention, behavior, and cognitive functioning for children and adults with attention and focusing deficits. However, new research suggests that individuals without attention and focusing deficits will also benefit from Play Attention because it improves everyday skills such as organization and memory recollection.

Play Attention was invented in 1994 by Peter Freer, a school teacher who wanted to help his students succeed. Through personal observation, Freer recognized that attention, cognitive, and behavioral problems can be improved through customized training

Play Attention has been awarded 5 patents due to its cutting edge technology and is currently the leader and pioneer in this field.

    In our learning center environment, we will:

  • Customize the Play Attention program around individual's specific needs
  • Aid athletes to enhance their overall performance through focusing techniques and mindfulness techniques
  • Evaluate circumstances that may be hindering performance or achievement through behavior shaping techniques